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SURVEYS on agricultural AND forestry sectors

Surveys on the future of the sector

Study of the forestry sector

Studies on the use of technologies

Innovation in agriculture

Surveys on representative bodies

Study of populations

How to conduct surveys in the agricultural world?

Behavioural studies

Surveys of stakeholders in the agricultural sector are demanding.

They require the involvement of respondents in a process of areas which interest them.

They provide an accurate picture of the diversity of people in the study area and their specific needs.

These surveys seek to:

  • describe the functioning of economic actors and its evolution,
  • analyse behaviour, organisation and technical choices,
  • anticipate the demand for innovation,
  • to populate simulations of the development of the sectors.
farmer surveys

Behavioural survey

It is possible to use regionalor national targeting , by activity, to survey a proportion of those concerned with a particular issue. Or to have an opinion on the emerging uses (comme les drones, les nouvelles énergies, les nouveaux règlements environnementaux).

It is also common to go and meet some of the actors in the field (at agricultural events and fairs for example).

The organisation of roundtables also makes it possible to examine in greater depth the expectations, fears and obstacles of the stakeholders in the sectors in relation to certain difficulties and emerging issues.

We cooperate with specialised operators, with firms of experts in agricultural or forestry economics. 

Consumer surveys

Questionnaires on agricultural sectors

The questionnaires are administered to industry representatives, usually face-to-face, by telephone, or self-administered (after distribution on site or on the Internet).
The questions deal with issues that are important to the producer: training, advice from advisors, representative organisations, uses, technical difficulties, economic needs, etc.


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