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French Independent Marketing Agency

Looking for objective consumer panels in France?

But it’s hard to find a independent English-speaking market agency within your budget…

Let SYMBIAL take care of all your B2B or B2C surveys, and in English !


Following these 4 steps :


Observe, understand


Measure, adapt


Test, perfect


Create, innovate


Quantitatives and Qualitative surveys

Surveys, online, telephone, face-to-face, mail.

Telephone surveys.

Internet surveys.

Face to face surveys

Consumer Panels

This way, you can ask questions to a representative group of Internet users..

This system is advantageous because of its budget and easy to put in place.

Let us know your problem, we’ll take care of everything.

Qualitative surveys


Tests in focus groups.

Group meetings.

Employees surveys.

In-depth interviews…

Market research

What are the characteristics and profiles of your future customers ?

Where are your customers located and what are their means of access ?

So understand their motivations for buying and their choice criteria.

Thanks for the Marketing surveys for example.

So, in a business world where mistakes are very expensive,

Our survey institute interviews clients and the public to understand their real expectations.

This is why our offers concern creators, VSEs, SMEs, large groups, local authorities, sectors and associations:
SYMBIAL will be able to provide you with a research solution adapted to your needs and budget.

For which purpose and how ?
Since 1991, our marketing research institute has been evolving with society and technology and is passionate about the major economic, human and ecological issues : Our survey institute will carry out your surveys at the best price in France.
  • for example with marketing surveys, satisfaction surveys, market research, image and reputation research

    Are my customers satisfied?
    What are my customers’ expectations?
    What is my customer’s journey?
    How do I know the potential of my market?
    Who are my competitors?
    Their strengths and weaknesses?
    Is my brand/product image good?
    How do I know if my new product will work?
    What is the potential of my new product in my market?
    What is the impact of my communication?
    How can I evaluate the quality of my service?
    How can I evaluate the well-being of my employees?


    Satisfaction survey (users, customers, internal)
    Loyalty study
    Study of uses and habits
    Competitive intelligence
    Market research
    Brand audit
    Pre and post-testing of products or concepts
    Packaging test
    Image study
    Mystery visits
    Social listening
    Online surveys


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