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SYMBIAL is an independent marketing research institute

institut études marketing

The fundamentals of an investigation

The surveys are precisely targeted, statistically reliable, more economical than face-to-face.

SYMBIAL has been using powerful and flexible tools for several years. They allow the same online interface to be used for face-to-face, telephone and web surveys.

We share these tools, our methodologies, the conduct of surveys, the speed of execution, the deliverables with our partners.

Ad hoc studies

Adapted to specific targets

Examples: Pre-test of a new operation, evaluation of expectations, etc.

The targeting of respondents, their number, the schedule, the entire questionnaire

Are totally decided by you.


Online formula

National surveys for all audiences

Examples: current societal issue, national customs, evaluation of a practice, etc.

Your questions are integrated into a multi-advertiser questionnaire, the planning is common, your answers are known only by you.

Accuracy of surveys:

Depending on the number of respondents, we obtain a confidence interval in which the statistical “truth” of each question lies:

Intervalle de confiance
(à 95% de risque d'erreur)
Enquetes multimedia


Awareness of a region, a site

Image, identity, values

Visiting habits, motivations

Comparison of values of competing territories



Buying habits and motivations

Frequentation of competing brands

Distinctive values of brands and distributors



Comparative use of different modes of travel

Advantages – disadvantages of offers

Unmet needs

Displacement matrices


Use of different payment methods

Use of specific applications

Security, fears, biometrics

Attractiveness of new banking practices


Image and satisfaction of existing products

Interest in ecological, patriotic, qualitative arguments

Issues for future needs


Consumption habits

Terms of information and choice of products

Sensitivity to health and environmental aspects

Our polling institute has acquired expertise or, at the very least, good knowledge in many economic sectors.

For example, in the field of transport, our institute for marketing studies conducts questionnaire surveys of travelers (by train, plane, bus and tram).

Our surveys can also address new modes of travel, in particular what are known as soft modes of transport (classic bicycle, scooter, e-bike, etc.) in order to enable operators and management unions to better meet the needs of users.

Focus group SYMBIAL
Our marketing institute uses the methodology best suited to the target audience, the available budget and the technical means of implementation:

Quantitative surveys

Click here to discover our offer of face-to-face, telephone and online surveys

Qualitative surveys

Click here to find out more about group meetings and semi-structured interviews

Panel surveys

Click here to understand how a representative panel survey works, France or other countries


Current uses

Interest in an innovation, a concept

Advantages, disadvantages, obstacles, fears, expectations


Health habits and behaviors

Frequency of consultation, purchases



Current situation

Interest in development, barriers to change

Ideal concept

Location, type, uses


Notoriety and image of the community

Satisfaction and expectations

Citizens’ needs




Shopping habits

Favorite brands and tours

Comparative images

Concept testing


Terms of use

Advantages disadvantages

Expectations for improvements

Interest in an innovative solution

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