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Market research

surveys on purchase motivations

Quantifying a potential market

 and define a viable business model.

What are the characteristics and profiles of your future customers?

Where are your customers located and what are their means of access?

Understand their motivations for buying and their criteria for choice.

market research

What to look for?

Through monitoring and surveys:

Statistical research, surveys, specialised press

Catchment area, quantification, access time, loading capacity, Internet facilities if virtual

Typically physical or internet choice, frequency of purchase, business model

Image of the products and services, ranges present and customers concerned


To model the project economically:

Manner to provide the service to the customers (approach INNOVATION)

Strengths of the product or service, features to sale

Price level acceptable to the customer

Modes of adapted distribution

Communication Strategy

Useful data

The study must answer these questions:

What are the targets/what are the needs

Value proposition

Business model

Number of customers / Average basket

Turnover / Competitors

Challenges identified in the model

Product Market Fit: le Graal

PMF is a start-up concept that seeks to find the most relevant version of a product or concept by re-testing with potential buyers.

IIt completes the notion of MVP (minimal viable product, which is the relevant minimalist version of the product):

“To be present in the right market with a product capable of satisfying that market”

Direct understanding, in one sentence, of the product’s usefulness and benefits

The conversion rate: prospects turn into customers, users, subscribers. 40%++

Interest in the product: the launch provokes many reactions (positive or negative)

The word-of-mouth phenomenon: satisfied users recommend it to their friends and family, thus creating the most effective form of marketing.

Marc Andreessen: “You can always feel product/market fit when it’s happening”

startup pyramid

Your market research will also look at the communication phase:

Define the different profiles of your customers

Knowing what types of content to produce to attract them

Know when to publish your content

Know the sensitive issues to be addressed

Define the right keywords (SEO)

Knowing the problems of your prospects and therefore the topics to address in your content

Know their information sources and the influencers they follow for a content delivery plan adapted to their behaviour

Basic marketing elements

Targeting and segmentation

4 P (the 4 Ps: Place, product, price, promotion)

Persona (qualitative identification of customers)

PMF (Produt Market Fit) and MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

Blue Ocean (disruptive innovation)

Business model, optimisation, growth

Market research can address the growth of the business or its project.

Taking inspiration from the start-up economy!

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