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qualitative research

A new product or innovative service?

What do consumers think?

Questioning customers before launching an innovation is essential.

Qualitative research make it possible to answer these questionss.

Qualitative rsearch to explore topics in detail






Qualitative research: creativity, concept testing, feasibility: ideas are sorted and translated into product concepts.

Valorisation phase during which the concepts are enriched by multidisciplinary input: technical, technological, industrial property and design.

We can organise your focus groups anywhere in France


In the form of private consumer meetings

Business client meetings

Mini-groups (4-5 participants) or with groups of 7-9 people

  • Recruitment,
  • Targeting,
  • Making an appointment,
  • Room, video, note taking, video or one-way mirror, snack, compensation


  • Special report on the economic situation:
    • Online meetings possible on dedicated platform (useful function during lockdowns)

    Your group meetings led by a team of professionals

      The study is carried out by a driven psychosociologist

      He actively participates in the drafting of the study guide

      The duration of the meetings ranges from 1h30 to 3h30 depending on the needs

      Participants are compensated on your behalf and at your request financially or with gift vouchers or tickets to events

      Examples of topics covered:

      • cultural practices during the holidays
      • digital payment habits
      • need for improvements in public transport
      • social media usage
      • esting of innovative concepts (water leisure platform, ideal animal bedding)

      focus groups

      Semi-structured and qualitative face-to-face or telephone interviews

      The qualitative interview is often an alternative to the group to avoid displacing participants who are too busy or wish to remain discreet; it makes it possible to create an intimacy with each interviewee and to get to the bottom of things.

      SYMBIAL Focus group
      • We use semi-structured interviews and qualitative interviews to measure the relationship and trust with our client
      • Décrire et comprendre l’image d’une entreprise ou d’un produit
      • Assessing the validity of a concept or proposition
      • To get customers to express their expectations and needs
      • Qualitative interviews can be based on small numbers of 10 to 100 interviews
      • They are carried out following an interview guide drawn up with the client, for durations of 15 minutes to 1 hour
      • Depending on the case, participants may be compensated financially

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      Are my clients satisfied?

      What are my customers’ expectations?

      What is my customer journey?

      How do I know the potential of my market?

      Who are my competitors?

      Their strengths and weaknesses?

      Is my brand/product image good?

      How do I know if my brand/product is good?

      How do I know if my brand/product is good?

      How do I know if my new product will work?

      What is the potential of my new product in my market?

      What is the impact of my communication?

      How do I evaluate the quality of service?

      How do I evaluate the well-being of my employees?



      Satisfaction survey (users, customers, internal)


      Loyalty study

      Uses and habits study

      Competitive intelligence

      Positioning study

      Brand review

      Pre and post product or concept testing

      Packaging/packaging test

      Image study

      Mystery visits

      Social listening

      Online surveys