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Our Market Research Institute specialises and has gained experience in a wide variety of sectors

Agriculture & Food / Transports & mobility / Retail / Technology & Innovation / Banks & Payments / Education & Research / Health / Culture / Tourism

Format commercial:

  • Customised pricing for particular studies
  • Sub-contracting availability for institutes and agencies
  • Cost pooling in omnibus options (multi-advertisers)
  • Degressive on recurring barometer option
  • Customer-specific options (basic statistics, analysis, study report, presentation, translation).
  • Response to a call for tenders in a group (feasibility study, public and customer expectations, inventory of uses and attendance.

Common applications:

  • Customer Satisfaction studies
  • Image and awareness studies
  • Product and range positioning study
  • Pricing studies
  • Product acceptance testing
  • Communication tests
  • Needs assessments
  • Innovative concept development
  • Market assessments

Quantitative survey:

  • Creation of a tailor-made questionnaires to be asked to samples of customers or other targets (10 to 40 closed and open questions)
  • Completion of questionnaires and analysis of results
    • Online
    • Representative online panels
    • By telephone (B to B or B to C)
    • Internally with staff
    • In qualitative interviewing
    • By face to face, etc.

Competitor analysis:

    Identification of 2 or 3 sites with a comparable offer on your markets and observation of their business model (Eyescan search tools, Corporama)

    Mystery visits and mystery calls

    Qualitative survey:

      Focus groups:

      • Animation guide conception
      • Recruitment of respondents
      • Conducting meetings
      • Room with one-way mirror for the clients
      • Note taking, video recording
      • Transcription and analysis
      • Recommendations and oral presentations

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