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Market research and marketing

Innovation surveys

Image measurement and analysis

Satisfaction surveys

Tailor-made studies

Tailored for each customer

With the best tools

And partners in the survey business.

We adapt to your context so that the study and survey technique is only a tool and not an end in itself

Telephone surveys

Online surveys

Face-to-face surveys


We conduct in-depth interviews with a panel of your customers (current and former). This process is mainly implemented face-to-face, based on an interview guide. We provide you with an in depth assessment and recommendations to increase your customers’ loyalty.


We help you or carry out client questionnaires either online, by telephone, face to face or by mail courrier. This is a quantitative type of collection, which can complement a qualitative audit. We provide you with a report on your strengths and weaknesses, with explanations given by the clients. We make a series of recommendations to improve client satisfaction. This can ideally take place in the form of barometre (annual or more rarely).

Mystery visits

CThis approach can help to understand which parts of the customer relationship need to be improved. We visit your shops or counters, call your customer relations centres, your after-sales services, based on an objective measurement grid. We provide you with a compliance rate report (yes/no) and explanations, as well as recommendations for remedying any shortcomings.

Our interviewers are experienced and use our integrated CATI system: OPINIO / CARAIBE / HOMESURVEY.
Our work organisation allows them to converse with their interlocutors in a calm and confidential manner.

Our researchers work with the best tools available
With the general public and professionals

Our CATI system allows for appointment scheduling, scheduled reminders and recordings.
The rules for the use of contact sheets comply with the RGPD and the ethics of telephone surveys and approaches.

Your new product and service studies

Innovation is the adaptation of the company to its environment: as pre-launch studies are essential.

In this way, real possibilities are available in this area with Symbial.

Sourcing: This phase allows for an inventory of the emerging trends both at the technical level and in terms of consumer sociological behaviour. The process constitutes a real source

Creativity: the development of a privileged time that aims to produce ideas in numbers with “creatives” but also with consumers and experts deliberately placed in a situation of creative dynamics through dedicated applied techniques.

Client testing : the consumer experience is possible thanks to our user panels through real-life situations, passage through our living lab, behavourial analysis, interviews, observations, focus groups.

Feasibility: The ideas are sorted and translated into product concepts. Valorisation phase during which the concepts are enriched by multidisciplinary input : technical, technological, industrial property and design.

A new product, an innovative service?

what do consumers think?

questioning customers is essential before launching an innovation

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