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Do you want to measure the change of the social climate in your company?

Detecting staff misunderstandings about actions taken.

Reinvigorating categories of employees who feel neglected, etc.

Some examples:


Setting up a business plan

Merger, restructuring, takeover

Change of management team

Relocation, change of organisation

IT restructuring

Quality approach, CSR approach

Who to interview?

All employees must be involved in this process, as everyone will be considered equally important:


  • A newly-recruited young person
  • An intern
  • An external worker
  • An employee or an executive manager
  • A manager
  • a director
  • In-house and external staff

What questions?

The questionnaire should follow the logic of the employee’s point of view, and group the questions by theme:

  • Motivation and interest in the work
  • Listening to the company hierarchy
  • Company recognition
  • Recognition of clients, the meaning of work
  • The career development system
  • Service, colleagues, mutual support
  • Working conditions
  • Amount of work, privacy
  • Improvement ideas

Which method?

We offer, for example, the creation of an anonymous online or mailed questionnaire and its confidential processing by our analysis department.

Our service is accompanied by a study report and recommendations which can lead to the organisation of round tables bringing together the most sensitive categories.

L’ensemble de la démarche et son analyse globale peuvent être ensuite présentées en Comité de Direction ou en instance stratégique.

    Internal listening is a management and continuous improvement tool

    Net Promoter Score

    The NPS provides a universal summary of customer satisfaction.


    The NPS provides a universal summary of customer satisfaction.

    The basic question for its calculation should have a 4 or 5 level scale:

      • Very dissatisfied
      • Quite dissatisfied
      • Moderately satisfied
      • Satisfied
      • Very satisfied

    The Net Promoter Score is calculated as follows:

    Sum of the very satisfied minus the sum of the not very or not at all satisfied (5 – 3-2-1), we voluntarily ignore the (4), satisfied, because it is considered as not very committed.

    Some elements for your INTERNAL satisfaction survey

    • Communicate in advance and explain the process.
    • Consult and involve employee representative bodies.
    • Respect the anonymity of the respondents (entrust the collection to an external body which will guarantee this).
    • Prefer continuous or periodic measurement, the barometer.
    • Share the presentation of the results with all employees (with your internal communication).
    • Follow up with thematic workshops according to the key points revealed by the survey.

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