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Satisfaction surveys

Listening to customers:

A tool for management and continuous quality improvement

Client satisfaction

The traditional, but often forgotten, customer satisfaction survey carried out at the end of the service is a powerful tool for progress and commercial links.

Try to systematise its implementation.

An unhappy customer says so … becomes a positive ambassador if his supplier has handled his complaint well

Who to ask?

People who have had recent contact with you:

Un customer at the end of a service

A visitor to a tourist park, shop or service

A website user, buyer or not

An employee of the company

A prospect who has received a commercial proposal

What questions to ask?

The questionnaire should follow the logic of the client’s point of view, and group the questions by theme



Proposed solutions

The quality of the service, the product


Service, after-sales service

Improvement ideas

What tools and methods?

Depending on the type of contact, the number of respondents required, the information available:

The simplest, the online questionnaire survey, on the Internet (but the least effective)

The telephone survey, improved by making an appointment (more expensive but rich in information)

Face-to-face interviews (especially on a physical site, when there is no information about the customer, expensive but brings up the reality without the filter of memory)

The variety of survey methods makes it possible to choose the most appropriate one to improve the response rate and the acceptability of the approach by the client.

Net Promoter Score

  • The NPS provides a universal summary of customer satisfaction, and the basic question for its calculation should have a 4 or 5 level scale:
    • Very dissatisfied
    • Rather dissatisfied
    • Fairly satisfied
    • Satisfied<
    • Very satisfied

    It is calculated as follows:

    Sum of very satisfied minus sum of not very or not at all satisfied (5 – 3-2-1).

Your provider must be agile in its approach

The client who will be approached directly by you or by your service provider will be very sensitive to the professionalism of the approach.

A questionnaire that is inappropriate, too long, administered by a clumsy interviewer at the wrong time, will convey a negative image for your company.

The satisfaction survey is also part of the service!

This is why the chosen firm must master the methods and tools.

Some elements for your satisfaction survey

  • Define the target according to what is to be evaluated: a recent customer, a lost or non-recurring customer, a prospect who is not yet a customer. Variations can be made with questions adapted to the targets concerned.
  • Choose a questionnaire adapted to what the recipient recalls and has experienced.
  • Don’t forget the open question at the end, which allows you to hear what you don’t expect, so that the client can freely express their dissatisfaction and ideas.
  • Prefer continuous or periodic measurement, the barometer.
  • Obviously respecting the GDPR and the respondent’s right to anonymity, and in any case to the exclusively statistical use of his or her answers, never for the purpose of further personalised prospecting.

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